Airfryer Madness

Well I finally did it! I purchased an airfryer a couple of weeks ago. I was hesitant when the trend first started because I’m on the minimalist wagon and have learned to resist buying the latest gadget over years of making those mistakes.

Saw this little one in Lidl and jumped on it. I had been perusing Instagram the previous few months and collecting many airfryer recipes from across the web.

What really sold it to me was the fact it is so quick but also much healthier.

Since trying it, so far I have made:

  • toasted sandwiches
  • homemade chips
  • chicken tikka
  • lasagne
  • chicken tenders
  • sausages
  • spring rolls
  • warming flatbreads
  • cottage pie

One other thing it is excellent at is crisping up baguettes. In our house, a certain person only likes crunchy rolls for school lunches. Before the airfryer arrived, mornings involved in getting up that bit earlier to turn the oven on and then adding a dampened bread roll to crisp up. Now, I just throw on the airfryer at 160 degrees for 10 minutes and it’s perfect! Like its just been baked.

I will update this post as I test out additional dishes and continue sharing recipes….well successful ones anyway !!

Amanda Lucas

A self-confessed technology nut, full-time computer nerd and lover of all things food related. Grub Galore is a place to get my creative foodie fix and serves as somewhere for me to share my recipes. I hope you enjoy browsing my growing collection.

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