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Hi, I'm Amanda

I’m a self employed web designer that loves food and travelling. I live in Ireland with my husband and son. Favourite things include my Mac, beaches and trips anywhere.

This site shares details of recipes tested and I share stories of my travel and food adventures.
more about me
Amanda Lucas

Rocket + walnut pesto is a delicious Italian sauce made with fresh rocket, roasted walnuts, garlic, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. It can be used to dress pasta, spread on bread, or serve as a dip for vegetables. #grubgalore #healthyfood #homecookedfood

A seriously good, quick to make vegetarian dish! Guarantee this will be added to your collection.

A tried and trusted brown bread recipe shared by none other than my Mother In Law. Give Monicas Brown Soda Bread a try!

Thanks to Grooms At The Ranch for the inspiration for this one ...... deelish!!


Another fresh recipe added;

Just added the Gyoza Dumpling recipe to the site - you have to give these a try - I dream about these ... honestly!!!

Food for the soul. Anytime I do a roast chicken, I always follow up with making this. Comfort food that is good for you! Try out the Chicken Noodle Soup.

Two new recipes being added to shortly - gyoza dumplings and make at home Big Mac!!! Both are seriously good !!! #homecooked #lovefood #grubgalore #foodie
Latest recipe added to - Spanish Chorizo and Lentil stew from @thebodycoach Joe Wicks - really really good 😋

#grubgalore #lovefood #homecooking #eathealthy.
A few kitchen experiments the past few weeks:

1+2: Cheddar and chive soda bread
3: My very first quiche Lorraine 
4: Rocket and walnut pesto risotto 

#grubgalore #irishfoodie #foodlover #homecookedfood #vegetariandish #lovefood #irishfood
A simple but delicious asparagus risotto - amazing what you can pull together in a jiffy - recipe coming soon to #grubgalore #vegetariandish #summerdish #lovefood #irishfood #homecookedfood
Whoaa - avocado toast on steroids 💪 @thecurraghcafebylucy 😋 #lunchtreats #grubgalore #foodie #foodlover #kildarefood