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What's The Best Way To Keep Strawberries Fresh

I’m sure we’ve all opened the fridge looking forward to some delicious strawberries until we took a look at them and then threw them all out ! The trick is to keep berries cold and dry so they won’t mold. For the short term: Arrange the berries (without washing or removing the stems) on a […]

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Make Those Nuts and Seeds Last Longer

Checking in with the guru, aka Martha Stewart, this weekend and I learned this useful tip. Because nuts and seeds have a high fat content, they’ll turn rancid if kept at room temperature for too long. Your almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, cashews, macadamias, sesame seeds, and flax seeds will stay fresh for up to two […]

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Make Potatoes Last Longer

I learned this valuable tip at the weekend from my sister Carol - thanks sis! Make those spuds last longer and stop them sprouting by keeping an apple in the bag. I know, it sounds mental but give it a try.

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Bananas That Have Seen Better Days

Have your bananas seen better days? Why not use this neat little tip.

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